Fridge Ventilation

Once you have chosen your shiny new fridge or freezer it is important to consider how best to look after it. To allow your appliances to run at maximum efficiency, and avoid wasting energy you need to make sure your appliances aren’t working extra hard to stay cool unnecessarily by checking that they have adequate air flow around them for the warm air to escape.
At Sustainable Kitchens we don’t want our customers to have to replace their appliances every couple of years, creating waste that can be avoided, so we take our ventilation very seriously.

Generally speaking, integrated under counter fridges and integrated full height fridges will need air to circulate under, behind and out the front of the appliance. Each appliance has different requirements, and it is important to check the manufacturer guidelines.

In our designs we include vents in the plinths of our cabinets. There are 2 different styles of vents to choose from:
1 – Painted Plywood vents – We paint these the same colour as the cabinet, and recess them into the frame so that they sit flush and are as inconspicuous as possible.
2 – Metal vents – These work well in contemporary/industrial style kitchens. You can choose a vent to compliment your hardware and accessories. These are definitely more of a statement look.

*Please note that the information provided is advice only. We cannot help individuals with their queries unless they are undertaking a full kitchen project with us. We are not responsible for any damage incurred by following the advice*


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