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Concreto Worktops – What they are and how to add them to your kitchen

We have seen a huge rise in interest in the super stylish, Concreto range of engineered quartz worktops. These beautiful materials are extremely versatile, non-porous and low maintenance – perfect for coping with the demands of everyday family life. Concreto worktops offer the appearance of concrete, without the everyday upkeep, commonly associated with concrete and natural stone worktops.
The surface has a unique textured and undulating surface, which looks and feels just like concrete. The material creates a striking and unique design aesthetic, and is made in a variety of natural colours – Scuro Concreto (Dark Grey), Grigio Concreto (Cool Grey), Biscotto Concreto (Warm Grey) and Bianco Concreto (White).

How to incorporate Concreto worktops into your kitchen

– Complement your Concreto worktop with a simple upstands or tiles above.
– A waterfall end – perfect for a peninsula, or at the ends of an island.
Waterfall Concreto Worktop

– Splashback – Add a slab of stone behind your range, or sink area as a splashback to create a sleek and seamless look

Biscotto Concreto Splashback

– Mitred edges – Concreto slabs are available in 20mm and 30mm thick slabs, but can also be mitred to create the appearance of a thicker worktop.

Thick Concreto Worktop

How is Concreto made and where does it come from?

Arenastone manufacture Concreto worktops, as well as a large variety of different Engineered Quartz. These materials are made in Italy from special polyester resins and at least 90% naturally occurring quartz, which are bonded together and vacuum-processed to form slabs. Our stone supplier, Bristol Marble & Granite Co. will then template and cut the slabs to size.

How do Concreto worktops compare with Concrete and Granite worktops?

Concrete – A lot of our clients come to us looking for a concrete worktop, but aren’t happy with what’s available on the market. Concrete worktops are porous and can stain easily, leading to an uneven patina (see our other blogs on concrete worktops, and what happened when we put concrete to the test). You can apply different waxes and sealants to lessen the effects, but cleaning up spills as soon as possible is recommended. We no longer supply concrete worktops, as we feel the Concreto range of materials offers a much better solution.

Granite – Engineered quartz is the most durable stone surface option you can buy for a work surface. It has high resistance to heat, stains and scratches, so is a great choice for your kitchen. Granite is exceedingly strong, but is inherently inconsistent in its structure and porosity, as it is a natural product. Concreto worktops are a man-made product, so you can be confident of the structure and colour (unlike naturally occurring granite worktops). Arenastone-engineered quartz worktops are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 10 years.


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