Caesarstone Engineered Quartz – The Concrete Series

Worktops can be the finishing touch to a kitchen and while they were once seen as a practical surface to prepare food on they now provide an opportunity to showcase technological and design innovations and can be the talking point of a kitchen.

We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative products to complement our kitchens, so we’ve been excited to start working with Caesarstone and in particular their exciting newly launched range of concrete-inspired engineered quartz. Concrete is a look that our clients love, but the material has its downsides, it’s very porous can stain and mark very easily and requires regular maintenance. New technologies mean that the look and feel of concrete can now be replicated in more suitable worktop materials such as engineered quartz, which is non-porous, doesn’t stain so easily and doesn’t require sealing or waxing.

Rugged Concrete 4033

This colour way makes a serious design statement and replicates the look of concrete with a patina and movement of pattern unique to each slab. It’s a matt finish so may be slightly more prone to scratching than a standard finish but we’ve given our showroom sample a good scratching and it stands up well, especially compared to soft, natural stones such as marble. If you’re after a raw, industrial look, this finish is achingly cool.

Sleek Concrete 4003/ Raw Concrete 4004/ Fresh Concrete 4001

These two shades of grey and an off-white colourway offer a more consistent, less rugged look with small flecks of interest which emulate aggregate in actual concrete. These three colourways give a sophisticated, minimalist look and are in a matt finish as with the rest of the concrete range.

What is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone contains 93% natural quartz aggregate combined with pigments and polymer resins. The resins are not harmful in any way to the end user are non-carcinogenic and have low toxicity. Caesarstone adheres to the highly rigorous US Greenguard standards and the high-quality resins used in Caesarstone means the worktops can be professionally recycled.

Caesarstone offers a range of products that contain 17-42%  reclaimed quartz from the fabrication process and recycled glass from post-consumed mirrors. Quartz is more durable than most stone, marble and granite. It is impervious to stains, scratches and cracks, and is highly heat and cold-resistant.

Caesarstone surfaces don’t need sealing, treating, polishing or any other form of maintenance, except a simple wipe clean with regular detergent and water.
Caesarstone quartz surfaces are extremely hard-wearing and will withstand virtually all the challenges of everyday life.

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