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4 Benefits of Handcrafted Kitchens

Choosing a handmade kitchen over a flat panel mass-produced kitchen certainly has its benefits. They will come with a higher price tag, but here we give you 4 reasons why it’s most definitely worth the investment. 


1. Built to last 

Handmade kitchens are crafted by skilled cabinet makers whose passion it is to create beautiful bespoke pieces out of solid wood. You’ll find only the best materials such as oak and birch plywood that will truly stand the test of time whilst holding their beauty and durability for many years. 

Flat-panel, MDF kitchens are mass-produced and tend to be made with individual elements to replace should anything break, they are more often than not glued together with weak joints and hinges that eventually break showing signs of sagging and peeling. 

Handmade kitchens are designed to last you a lifetime, ours even come with a 30-year warranty as we trust that they way they are built and the materials used will last, even with 30 years worth of wear and tear, ultimately giving our clients peace of mind in the choices that they are making.

It is definitely worth the higher price tag to know that your kitchen will be exceptional quality and you won’t have to replace anything in years to come.


2. Built to fit

Handcrafted kitchens can be any size, you aren’t limited to the standard sized cabinets that will leave you with wasted space and unused areas. Handmade kitchens will come with a design service that will fully utilise all areas and aspects of the kitchen with storage capabilities you wouldn’t even know is possible. Whether it’s an awkward corner, chimney arch or cove, handmade kitchens will be crafted to fit with limitless kitchen design. 

Take a look at our Green Shaker Kitchen to see cabinetry, aga and glazed cabinetry built into chimney arches.

The possibilities are endless!


3. Local & Sustainable 

The beauty of choosing a handmade kitchen is that it will be British manufacture, which in this day and age is more important than ever to go local. 

The less mass-produced, the better. The shorter distance that products have travelled lessens the carbon footprint giving you a more sustainable approach to a new kitchen. 

British manufacturers tend to stay British, we source hinges knobs (Armac Martin), paint (we like Farrow & Ball, Little Greene & Paint and Paper Library) and wood all locally from other high-quality businesses that equally run with the environment at the forefront of their minds. 

Wood that is shipped globally from cheaper manufacturing areas has a much higher impact on the environment, see our materials for more information. 

Cabinetry Materials for Sustainable Kitchens


4. Personal & Designed to you 

Whether it’s a vast tupperware collection or an array of china mugs, having a kitchen handcrafted bespoke to you will allow you the freedom to hide or display anything you like. Whether you want a kitchen full of deep drawers or wide shelved cabinets, handmade kitchen companies will listen to your needs and how you and your family use the kitchen and design these elements into the finished product. Kitchens vary from a small room big enough for only one to a multifunctional space for cooking, eating, entertaining and congregating so it is important that you make the space your own and get the most from your investment.

Handcrafted kitchens are also a great way to express design and personality, you won’t be limited to what’s available choosing from a set range of styles that can be shipped in, you will be describing what you like, showing inspirational images that you will have been collecting since you first dreamed of your new kitchen and will have a product that is completely unique to you.

Having a kitchen designed through a bespoke, handmade company will also mean that they won’t be trend-driven and won’t go out of style in 2-3 years time with instant regret. You will be looking at classic kitchens that will be handpainted; so even if you do fancy a change, you have the ability to switch things up with a new lick of paint or completely new colour!

Dark Green Shaker kitchen with fully fitted reclaimed vintage haberdashery cabinet, cabinets are painted in Little Green Obsidian Green (216)

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and as they say; kitchens sell houses so investing in quality will not only benefit you in the short term whilst you live in your dream kitchen, but will also add value to your home.

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