Douglas Fir Plywood Kitchen with tall cabnetry and central island


What is a Concept kitchen?

We have coined the phrase Concept Kitchen, and here’s why…

Concept = An abstract idea 

A bespoke kitchen is one that is uniquely crafted to meet the needs of each individual client and home. It removes barriers and opens up endless opportunities when designing your new kitchen which is why bespoke is at the heart of everything we do here at Sustainable Kitchens. 

However! We understand that in our industry, bespoke can often be overused and quite a confusing concept to grasp, especially when different companies use the term differently and what means bespoke to one, may not necessarily mean bespoke for another. 

We have been trying to put our finger on another term to encapsulate all that we do differently at Sustainable Kitchens. 

Whilst we have our set ranges of Shaker, Plywood, Flat Panel and Overlay styles, more often than not clients come to us with a vision and style that they may not be able to find elsewhere or are looking for us to use our design flair and create a new look for their space.

Here lies our Concept Kitchens – Designed from the ground up. 

Whether it’s a new style, new material, new idea, our Concept Kitchens showcases that anything is possible and we love nothing more than putting the research and development to bring this concept to life. 

Our Concept Kitchens requires a little more R&D costs, but this will mean you receive samples of finishes and materials to mood board and imagine and will ensure that the new materials specified will not take away from the quality and longevity of our kitchen, which, by the way, come with a 30-year guarantee.

Think stainless steel finishes, new materials made from recycled paper, reclaimed woods with another life left in them, a valchromat door…. Quite literally, anything is possible. 

Additionally, there’s no standard sizing. As with our Bespoke Kitchens, no space will be wasted, no corner will be left unused – The difference will be in the style and aesthetics.

This exclusive and custom-built option is a sure way to really achieve a unique and original kitchen. 

Where to start with a Concept Kitchen?

We recommend that our clients build a mood board of their favourite styles from Pinterest and Instagram as it helps us visualise how they see their own dream kitchen. That’s not to suggest taking inspiration from other designs makes your kitchen unoriginal but gives a good indication of the styles and finishes that you are drawn to which enables us to start building up your dream space. 

Price of A Concept Kitchen 

With our Bespoke Kitchens, we say for cabinets worktops and appliances from our ranges tend to start from around £30,000. You can of course opt for anything from cabinets delivered and sourcing your own appliances and worktops to a fully project-managed kitchen to installation. 

Due to the development within our Concept Kitchens, we find they typically start from around £45,000 where you will work closely with a paired Kitchen Designer and Project Manager. 

Process of A Concept Kitchen

Our Concept Kitchens typically need a minimum of 10 weeks prior to ideal delivery. This is, of course, the worst-case scenario and the best case would be to involve us as early on in the renovation, build or revamp as possible. That way, we can also help with spacial planning and flow throughout the architect’s suggestions (if using an architect!).

You would begin the process by providing very rudimentary floor plans and measurements to give us an indication of the size of the space. We would then schedule in a zoom call to work through the space and bounce some ideas around and perhaps include thinking points for your kitchen that you may not have previously thought about. 

From there, we would provide a Design Document which would include a digital moodboard of materials, a floor plan with layout options and a 3D design. This would act as a starting point and allow us to show our ideas. We will then present the designs over a zoom meeting where we can spin around the model and make changes live. We usually work within a revision cycle before commissioning a deposit choosing Sustainable Kitchens. 

We then start to detail the design and work through the technical elements, creating and building samples to show materials and finishes as part of the R&D process.

Concept Kitchen Examples

Whilst all of our kitchens are personal and extremely different to each other, take a look below at a few of our Concept Projects and what really makes them Concepts. 

Richlite Kitchen 

The Richlite Kitchen - Blue Canyon and Maple Valley with an oak core

This kitchen signifies exactly what we mean by Concept, and here’s why…

Our clients were looking to create a space completely unique and different, they like learning and using new materials that they can mix together for an eclectic and design-driven aesthetic. 

The main kitchen itself uses a material called Richlite, a paper composite material that is made from recycled paper and is extremely durable and robust. With the Richlite, we were put to the test on how to best cut, sand, oil and finish the material whilst designing to showcase both colours for a door configuration. 

Additionally, the scullery you see in the back is a stainless steel clad door – It is all about the materials in this design.

Reclaimed Wood Industrial Kitchen 

Industrial, reclaimed wood kitchen with concrete and brick from Sustainable kitchens

An industrial space utilising natural materials and rough edges. As part of a complete renovation, the brief was fairly straightforward in creating a kitchen using reclaimed wood in fitting with the rest of the aesthetics that looked like it belonged. 

Rather than a wood veneer, off we went on finding a rough and rugged material and how we craft a kitchen using it! 

FENIX Kitchen 

Fenix Kitchen Bristol - Shade Castor Ottawa with oak details and freestanding island

Not necessarily new to the industry, but a first for Sustainable Kitchens. Looking to use an alternative to paint with a design-driven modern feel to the space. This kitchen is designed using Fenix and Oak with an oak core shining through the handle detail. 

From design to application, precision was key in this space and quite how we achieved that involved plenty of R&D. Not to mention the slide and hide cabinetry, the freestanding island table and the TV unit…. 

Nune Kitchen 

The Nune Kitchen - Minimalist Kitchen

Our clients from Studio Nune came to us with a vision that they could not quite achieve with other companies. The door isn’t your standard shaker or flat panel, but rather a unique design with an edging detail that we helped bring to light to create this truly beautiful space. 

Douglas Fir Kitchen 

Douglas Fir Plywood Kitchen with white walls and polished concrete floor Sustainable Kitchens

A material often used in architectural builds and designs. We worked with an architect firm in the North of England to design and craft a kitchen using Douglas Fir that will last a lifetime and complete the unique and contemporary look.

Do you have a vision or freedom to create something truly spectacular and different? Get in touch with our team to create your Concept Kitchen.

Got a project idea or just want to chat?


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