Warm, woody and wonderfully bespoke!

We love nothing more than a challenging brief and when I met Jo and Dave back in April in this lovely old stone cottage in Long Ashton. Jo drew me a picture of her vision, a “bonkers cabinet” (her words not mine), I was instantly excited about the prospect of this fabulously bespoke kitchen.

Using interesting off-cuts from the sustainable timber trade we have pulled Oak, Elm, Walnut, Iroko, Ash, Cherry and Yew together in beautiful harmony to form this totally and utterly bonkers dresser cabinet!

With sliding doors in the lower section to allow maximum space around the dining table in this cosy kitchen space and perfectly arranged randomness in the upper section to, um, well………house things like Jo’s collection of bobbins!

Looking around the kitchen past the tiny utilitarian centre island, proving that you don’t need much space in your kitchen to make use of a centre island, they are perfect for food preparation, you get to that range and splash back. What range and splash back you ask? The bright yellow Bertazzoni W90 range with bespoke steel splash back in the shape of France, COOL!

Other features include our popular bespoke pull-out larder cabinet, using solid wooden drawers on Blum runners to create a more robust and honest version of a typically rickey metal cabinet.

And a fantastic use of the chimney space!

This cabinet was designed to house all Jo’s fabric but it easily doubles as one of those “stuff drawers” that we all need in our kitchen. I mean where else do you keep broken bits of that bowl you intend to mend one day, that unidentified bit of plastic pipe that you just know is off something important and the radiator bleed key?!

Thank you, Jo and Dave, we had a lot of fun with this one!



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