How to have a sustainable Christmas


We’re always looking for ways to be sustainable especially around the holidays when waste tends to pile up and gluttony abounds. We have some tried and tested suggestions to make this the most sustainable Christmas ever! Here’s our top tips:

Alternative Christmas Tree

Tree branch Christmas tree
If you’re on Pinterest you’re already well aware of the different types of Christmas trees that are possible with no pine needles involved. There are washi tape trees for the minimalist, there are trees made out of branches for the rustic lover and trees made out of books. Our personal favourite was a plywood tree. We put together a tree made from plywood offcuts. It looks cool and minimalist but the best part about it is that we can take it apart and save the parts for next year!

Make Your Own Decorations

wooden christmas decoration tree star railway
This is a pretty obvious one. Buying decorations every year is expensive and oftentimes they don’t last as long as they should. One way to ensure that they last a bit longer is to make them yourself. Get some baking clay and go nuts! You can get the whole family involved to make some memories that will last past the holidays.

No Wrapping Paper

Inspired by Popsugar’s list of alternatives to wrapping paper we are totally on board with using everyday materials to present gifts in. It’s a win-win for both parties: you reduce waste and they get an extra present. The perfect solution for a sustainable Christmas.

Do Some Good

Rather than shelling out money just for the sake of it why not donate the money on behalf of a loved one? You can forgo the regular box and bows for something that helps the world in a small way. There are so many ways to do this: you could send a cow to a family in need or help preserve the rainforests. The possibilities are endless and you’ll definitely get bonus points for the unique gift idea.

Foodie Presents

Does your aunt really need that gift basket of body lotion? Why not make them something they really want? If you have someone on your list with a massive sweet tooth why not make them some fruit and nut bark? Do you have a friend that loves their tipple? Make them some homemade flavoured alcohol. From limoncello to blackberry gin you can personalise this to their spirit of choice! Get creative and your friends and family will love the thoughtfulness of the gift.

Make Less Food

Christmas table setting
How often do you get sick of eating your Christmas leftovers and just throw them out? This year why not try making less food? Plan out how many people are coming over for Christmas dinner and portion the food accordingly. This will waste less food and also stops you from overindulging in an already gluttonous season which is the ultimate goal for a sustainable Christmas.