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Top tips for a stress free kitchen renovation

The biggest concern for many of our clients’ minds when planning their new kitchen is ‘how long will we be without one?’. Your kitchen is the hub of your home so being without it for even a week can be a daunting prospect.
Planning your kitchen renovation need not be a stressful experience. We understand that it can be disruptive but there are ways to minimise this and in doing so keep the stress levels down. Here’s our hot tips for a stress free kitchen renovation:

  1. Plan ahead!

If your kitchen is part of a much larger renovation of the house, or an extension with considerable building works, you are likely to be without a kitchen for longer. If it is cost effective for you it can be a good idea to plan to stay at rented accommodation or with a friend for a few weeks.

  1. Moving your kitchen to another room

If you are relocating your kitchen to another room during your renovation, work with your builder or kitchen fitter to put together a schedule that works in your interests. Can you get your new kitchen fitted before stripping out your old one? This can be a great way to never be without a kitchen.

  1. Kitchen out/Kitchen in

If you are not doing any other building work and are just having your old kitchen removed and your new kitchen fitted, you will be without a kitchen for a few days during the changeover period. The best way to minimize generic lamisil tablets 250 mg disruption here is to work with your kitchen company to put together a schedule of works for the strip out, re-plastering, flooring fitted etc to ensure that all tradespeople are booked for the correct time to minimise the disruption.

  1. Does your kitchen company have a temporary kitchen?

Here at Sustainable Kitchens, we have a temporary kitchen that is available for clients to book. Other companies may have the same, so definitely ask.

  1. Expect it to take longer than you think

Be prepared for there to be little things that drag on for longer than you expected. Worktop production time is often the one thing that is forgotten – the worktops will not be templated until all cabinetry is fitted to ensure a perfect fit. These templates will then be taken away and used to produce your real worktops in your chosen materials – this can take up to two weeks (please note this will vary from company to company and availability of the material). Your worktops will then be fitted once they are ready. In the meantime, ask your kitchen provider about the possibility of temporary worktops. You will be able to use your kitchen in the time that your real worktops are being produced.
Having your kitchen renovation need not be a stressful time. Remember to take advantage of the experience of those around you – your kitchen design team are often very experienced in supporting clients through the process and knowing what to expect at each stage.


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