Plywood Kitchens
Pegboard Plywood Kitchen with concrete worktop


Handmade Plywood Kitchens

We pride ourselves on the unique designs of our plywood kitchens. The minimalist style, beautifully exposed layers and modern quality all make these kitchens a popular choice.

Undoubtedly, when you’re researching design options for your new kitchen, you’ll have come across plenty of aspirational examples. Pinterest repeatedly puts out research to map the growing popularity of this style.

Perfectly practical plywood kitchens

Plywood is created through a number of thin veneers that are glued together with their grains rotated on an alternating basis, by 90 degrees each time.

This style of construction allows for superior strength and structure, making it the perfect material for your kitchen cabinets and furniture. Plywood can be made from softwood and hardwood, ours is sourced from sustainable Birch lumber.

Our plywood kitchens are finished in a flat panel style, creating a minimalist, contemporary feel.

Contemporary Eco Kitchen with plywood cabinets and stainless steel worktops

Your plywood kitchen, your design

When using plywood, you’ll be able to craft a more playful look. If you’re after a hand-painted finish, we can work with you to mix and match a colourful blend of exposed woodwork and quality paints.

The carcass, the frame and the doors are all crafted from ethically-sourced birch plywood. We’ve selected this material for its sturdy properties, as well as its beautiful, natural grain.

We’ve made the choice to specialise our plywood kitchens to be in-frame as we believe that this creates a longer-lasting product overall, that in an overlay style we can’t use the same high-quality fixtures and fittings that we can with an in-frame one. It also allows you to see the doors framed with the beautiful carcass birch ply layering showing the solid wood kitchens in all their glory. 

Our ethos is to always provide the highest quality kitchens, made using the best materials, presented at the highest standard.

Painted Plywood Kitchens

Becoming increasingly popular for Plywood Kitchens is those with painted doors. Keeping the birch plywood carcass on show with a painted flat panel door. Ideal for those with young children not wanting to risk food splatters on the wood doors for an easier wipe clean!

We hand paint our kitchens using mostly Farrow and Ball water-based paints. Whether it’s one colour or a mix; pinks, greens, blues, whites and greys look beautiful next to the plywood grain. The beauty of the handpainted means you can update the colour at any point.

Plywood Cottage Extension with in frame and overlay plywood doors