Cotham Painted Selection


Painted Flat Panel Door Added to Honest Range – Available in 18 New Shades

Our Honest range is ever-expanding with timeless styles and finishes. Following the release of the Honest lookbook, we are proud to launch the latest Honest kitchen door style – painted Cotham!

Our signature Cotham style is a contemporary flat panel door, available in a range of finishes to suit your aesthetic, including FENIX carbon-neutral high-pressure laminates, oak veneer, and an entirely new selection of our low VOC, water-based paints.

From mellow whites to bold blues and everything in between, you can now choose between 18 beautiful paint shades to brighten your kitchen. Can’t decide on just one colour? Mix and match your favourite colours to create a space that is truly unique to you.

Download the Honest Lookbook today to discover the painted flat panel door colour range and more.

Benefits of a painted kitchen

Painted kitchen cabinets are a popular finish, particularly for traditional styles like shaker kitchens. Not only can a paint finish be a cheaper alternative to laminates or venners, but it also offers more flexibility with your design. Should you wish to give your kitchen a freshen up in years to come, simplicity repaint in the same shade or pick a different colour for a new look.

Our painted cabinets are primed and finished to a professional standard using water-based paints. Our water-based paint have low level of VOC (Volatile organic compound), a common substance which evaporates as a gas at room temperature, making them safer for you and the planet. 

Why Honest?

We believe purchasing a kitchen should be fun, easy, and stress-free. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of our favourite styles, materials and hardware to keep things as simple as possible. No more overwhelming choices – just the best options for you. With Honest, you only pay for what you need. Choose from our extensive range of cabinet styles and finishes to build the kitchen of your dreams. Our experienced
designers are here to assist as much, or as little as you need, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Our cabinets arrive pre-assembled for quick and easy installation, helping you to save time and to enjoy your new kitchen sooner. 

Ready to bring your dream kitchen to life? Start a Conversation with your dedicated design team or email with your kitchen plans to book your free design consultation.


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