#MeatFreeMonday – The Festive Feast


For our last #MeatFreeMonday recipe of the year, we’ve chosen some of our favourite recipes to have a perfect festive feast, we are sure there will be something on the list that everyone will enjoy.
For the main event, we’ve chosen this great Festive Butternut Roast, there are so many variants on a stuffed butternut squash that you will be able to find one that would be a great side or in this case perfect as your veggie main.

Recipe from The Veg Space. 
Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic and Cranberries
I feel like Brussel sprouts get a bad wrap, I adore them when they’re roasted and wanted to share this recipe for cranberry roasted Brussel sprouts. This is a great side for a roast dinner or if you add in couscous or quinoa to any leftovers then it makes a delicious salad.

Recipe from the food network
Vegan Cheesy Leek Crumble
Cheesy leeks are synonymous with my family’s Christmas roast, and this offers a great alternative to those who can’t have dairy.

Recipe from BBC Good Food
Vegan Mince Pies with a rich black cherry & hazelnut filling, don’t they sound and look wonderful!?

Recipe from BBC Good Food.
Christmas is a great time of year to try out some new recipes alongside your family classics, BBC Good Food have written a brilliant Vegan Christmas how-to guide which will help both seasoned or new new vegan cooks find something new to try their hand at this festive season.
Here are more delicious vegan Christmas Recipes from BBC Good Food.