8 Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Dark green shaker kitchen with Carrera marble island worktop and polished brass taps


Kitchen design is a living, evolving landscape of trends and sensibilities.

As drastic changes rarely flash up overnight, interior aesthetics experts often look into the past to predict the coming year. With that in mind, here’s what to expect from kitchen design trends in 2019.


Minimalism lives on

As a stylistic phenomenon, minimalism is still staggeringly popular. It’s easy for a poorly-laid out kitchen to get cluttered due to the sheer number of utensils and appliances we use every day, so when they’re redesigning their kitchen space, many people edge towards a minimalist aesthetic to ease this tension. Pendant lights mesh well with minimalist designs, as they allow you to express the individuality of your kitchen without taking up any workspace.

Minimalist contemporary white kitchen with breakfast bar and Oak worktop with waterfall ends

Sustainable detailing

This year, sustainable designs and innovative materials are driving repurposed and bio alternatives. In fact, WGSN predicts that the use of marble offcuts will start to allow for surplus materials to be repurposed, reducing waste in the most beautiful way.

Expect to see more cork details, too: the material is seeing more innovation and experimentation. As a completely biodegradable material with strong eco credentials, it’s a truly sustainable solution.

The natural look

With the passion for plywood ramping up year on year (take a look at our plywood kitchens here), it’s no surprise that keeping things au naturelle will remain at the top of the agenda for 2019. If you’re going for the organic appeal, don’t let your appliances – and most importantly the fridge – stand out like a sore thumb. You can easily find a high-quality Bosch refrigerator that comes with a wood-stained texture surface.


Contemporary Eco Kitchen with Birch plywood cabinets stainless steel worktops and douglas fir extractor housing

Tin is in

This week, Pinterest revealed its 2018 search data as a prediction for the upcoming year. The industrial vintage look is set to expand, with key materials like tin high in search (that one has shot up by 563%).

Terrazzo is evolving

In 2019, terrazzo will continue to gain traction, providing a sensorial aesthetic.

The resurgence of terrazzo has exploded over the past couple of years for product design, graphics and architecture and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, Pinterest has reported that saves for ‘terrazzo’ have increased by 316% over the past year. With its sustainable qualities, terrazzo will continue to be an important material for interior design, adopting a bolder and braver use of colour mixes and combinations.

But how will this change in 2019? The terrazzo trend is set to evolve, with the use of larger, more sparse distribution of pattern.

Deep, natural tones

Our kitchen design in this glorious London home was Houzz’s 8th most popular kitchen of 2018. It’s no surprise that shades like Little Greene’s Obsidian Green are rising in popularity: when paired with beautiful, sustainable worktops and fittings, deep green is a true show stopper.

Dark Green Shaker kitchen with fully fitted reclaimed vintage haberdashery cabinet, cabinets are painted in Little Green Obsidian Green (216)

Handle-free kitchens

Taking simplification one step further, handle-free kitchens are rising in popularity. J-handles or cut-ins can be designed to fit clients’ hands (with littler ones for children’s activity drawers).

Minimalist contemporary white kitchen with J handles

Herb gardens

DIY arrangements and home-grown foods are all the rage now, so it comes as no surprise that herb gardens will be a staple of 2019 kitchens.

If you’re used to seeing small pot groupings near the windows, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Growing spices, cooking plants and small pepper bushes can save you cash and help to reduce the amount of disposable plastic used in supermarket products.

This herb garden corner element also meshes well with eco-friendly lifestyle practices and wellbeing trends that are taking over.


All of the kitchens you see on our blog are from the Sustainable Kitchens portfolio.


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