Kitchen Design Checklist: Starting your plan

Designing a new kitchen can seem like a daunting task, but like any big project, breaking it down into a series of smaller questions is the best way to get started. To help you, here’s a kitchen design checklist that you can follow. Here, we’re looking at what to consider before booking a consultation with our team of professionally-trained designers (you can do that here).

1. Think about the available space

We’re willing to bet that you’ve got a Pinterest board filled with images of your dream kitchen (and if you don’t, you can get started by having a look at some of ours here). Whether it’s an island breakfast bar with a gorgeous stone worktop or a full-height double larder with a tea and coffee station, it’s important to visualise your ideas first.

Think pragmatically about the space that’s available. You might not be able to fit all of your ideas into that space comfortably, but that’s what the Sustainable Kitchens design team is for: turning your dream into a reality. During your consultation, Jeremy, Charlie and Matt will help you pull out the features that matter the most and get your kitchen project off the ground.

kitchen design checklist



2. What do you love (and hate) about your current kitchen?

The second step on our kitchen design checklist is to think about how you move through this space each day. Our designers are always keen to hear about what’s currently working in your kitchen – and what isn’t. What could be improved? Are you always bumping your hip against that drawer handle? In that case, consider handle-free cabinetry. Is your sink on the other side of the kitchen from your dishwasher? Moving those closer together will save you walking back and forth a million times. Do you love your island but find that you could use a prep sink?

There are so many things to consider about the ways in which you use your kitchen. Keep a notepad handy in the kitchen so you can jot down any ideas that come to while in the space. Sometimes, it’s the little details that make a space truly yours.

Steel, Marble Contemporary Kitchen with rustic brass door knobs



3. Is it going to be a social space or just for cooking?

If yours is going to be a social kitchen, then seating and space are major considerations.

You want to be able to cook up a feast while making sure your guests are comfortable and have enough space. Breakfast bars are great for people who love cooking and socialising at the same time. You can still have a chat while everyone is sitting down and out of the way!

If you prefer to cook and eat in one space and socialise in another, then you’ll want to section off the dining room from the kitchen.

Steel, Marble Contemporary Kitchen with pine floor and glazed cabinet

Next time, we’re looking at how your kitchen project checklist can benefit from the main questions about cooking and eating. Be sure to sign up to our blog (you can do that at the bottom of this page) to be the first to read.

If you’d prefer a head start on your kitchen design, speak to one of our designers. You can arrange a consultation by calling 0117 325 2438 or emailing us on


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