How to have a Sustainable Easter


With Easter just around the corner and the shops full of commercial overly packaged chocolate eggs we wanted to think about how we could celebrate the holiday in a more ecological way.
Most of the major chocolate companies are working hard to reduce their packaging and use recycled cardboard, there has been a 50% reduction in packaging by the major companies since 2008. There are some great companies producing organic and ethical Chocolate Eggs and keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum. Montezuma and Green and Black’s use 100% recycled packaging, with Green and Black’s currently researching a soya based alternative to plastic packaging. Most cardboard used in packaging for eggs is generally not suitable for recycling as it is coated with plastic to give it a shiny finish. Look for packaging with the recycle logo to ensure that it can be recycled.
blown and decorated Easter eggs
Divine Chocolate is a Fair trade company which is 44% owned by its Farmers. They have never used plastic in their packaging and cardboard is kept to a minimum, any that it does use is both recycled and recyclable.
A great alternative is to make your own Easter treats. A northern European trend is to make chocolate treats and present them in papier mache eggs that can be reused year after year.
papier Mache easter egg
Something most of us remember from our childhood is egg blowing, what a great and messy way to have fun with children. Decorate your eggs once they are blown and use as Easter decorations.
Upcycle your egg boxes by painted and decorating them and fill them with treats to give as gifts instead of buying ready packaged eggs.
Whatever way you to choose to celebrate Easter, have some fun and think outside of the box.
painted Easter egg boxes with eggs and chicks Sustainable Easter- painted egg boxes