Listen up, foodies: here are the home cooking trends to try in 2019


Now the indulgent festive season is winding down, it’s time to look ahead to more sustainable cooking practices. So what’s on the menu for 2019? We’re looking to Pinterest’s data trends to predict what everyone will be trying in their kitchen this year.

Rise of the pegan

Part paleo, part vegan: the pegan diet is gaining traction. Searches are up 337%, and it’s no wonder people need to check it out before heading to the shops. It’s a complex blend of the two diets, with an emphasis on proteins, the right fats and delicious, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Grazing tables

All over the world, eating is a social activity. Grazing tables – when a table is filled with a buffet of delicious snacks – are an open invitation for everyone to get stuck in.


Recipes you knead

Baking your own bread is one of our favourite mindful activities (and it doesn’t hurt that it fills the home with such a heavenly scent). With bread recipes up a whopping 413% this year, we’re sure to see more home baking in all of our kitchens.

Ginger water

With all its digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits, ginger-infused water is rocketing up the search charts. It’s an easy way to add a little wholesomeness to your day, so why not?


Mushroom mania

Seasonal produce is always a winner in our (recipe) books. According to Pinterest, we can see people going mad for mushrooms in unexpected places – from coffee drinks to chocolate bars.

Got oat milk?

In the Sustainable Kitchens office, we have every type of milk under the sun; but the most popular has to be the oat milk. Extra creamy, vegan and environmentally friendly? No wonder there seems to be a bit of a national shortage.


One for the sweet tooths

Homemade jam recipes are up – wait for it –  829%. Blackberry bushes beware: you’ll be in high demand when the season rolls around.