How to Design an Adorable Kitchen Nook



How to Design an Adorable Kitchen Nook

Kitchen nook with double sink cabinet and floating shelf underneath a slanted roof
The open-floor kitchen layout saw its heyday in the past couple of years, and now interior design trends are shifting once again. Hail kitchen nooks, the latest décor fad that will be reshaping chic cooking areas around the globe in the year to come! Cozy and charming, secluded kitchen spots are a perfect backdrop for family lunches, quiet morning coffee rituals, and candle-lit dinners for two. Still, an adorable kitchen nook doesn’t just happen: it calls for taste and awareness of latest kitchen design trends – and if you’re short on either of the two, here are a few cues to help you create a pitch-perfect backdrop for your kitchen-based enjoyment.

Colors that Speak of Style

A lovely kitchen nook is made from equal parts of color and affection. To set up a comfy dining spot in your cooking area, you can rely on the power of colors and textures to do the aesthetic trick for you. Pastel walls will serve as a soothing backdrop for kitchen-based family meals, and you can also furnish the charming dining nook with wooden tables and chairs in a neutral tone to achieve a well-coordinated décor impression. Still, a subtle-colored kitchen nook can look a bit sterile, which is why it may be a good idea to throw in a statement piece in a bold color, such as dark brown, wine red, or even black to break up design monotony.

A Nook Out of Traffic’s Way

When bustling about the kitchen, the last thing you want is the dining nook to keep getting in the way. For this reason, the seating should be placed in the corner of the kitchen or by the window, i.e. as far away from kitchen appliances and worktop as possible. As a general rule, the dining area is the heart of your home, but it doesn’t necessarily have to occupy the central place in the kitchen, especially if it’s on the smallish side. For superior functionality and visual appeal, plop the table in a low-traffic part of the kitchen and deck it with three or four occasional chairs: that way, you’ll be able to pursue your chef-to-be kitchen endeavors while your kids are having fun a few feet away.

Multipurpose Space Rocks

Kitchen nooks don’t have to be just a spot where the whole family comes together at mealtime. If you have a spacious kitchen, you can separate the cooking from the dining area with the help of an isle, or you can consult cost of generic lamisil tablets design experts to help you set up a multipurpose nook, such as play area or reading corner seamlessly blended with the kitchen. A smart way to go about cozy and versatile kitchen nooks is to use multipurpose furniture pieces that will infuse your culinary playground with a dose of comfort, style, and functionality.

Dining In the Lap of Nature

The natural look is making big waves in the world of kitchen design, and graceful kitchens these days rock furnishings made from exotic wood types with minimal or no finishing touches. Tables, chairs, and storage elements au naturale with bold grain or matte paint coat will transform the dining area into a spot off magazine covers and define the character of your kitchen nook. If the kitchen remodel budget allows it, you can install hardwood or stone floors to visually separate the cooking from the dining area, but if you’re overhauling the kitchen on a shoestring, you can simply dress the floors with covers in different colors and still achieve the zoning effect.

Zone it with a Gallery Wall

Another easy way to create a snug kitchen nook that would be visually separated from the rest of the cooking area, a gallery wall above over the seating area will add depth, personality, and a playful note to your gastronomic heaven. A handful of paintings will help increase the aesthetic interest of the kitchen, and the gallery wall will also provide a dose of contrast to neutral-toned walls and furnishings. Eclectic and stirring, a kitchen wall covered in artwork will be a source of inspiration on gloomy days, and it will add a whole new artful dimension to your culinary sprees.
Adorable nooks are the next huge hit in kitchen design, so if your cooking area looks as if it could use a bit of tender, love, and care, you can turn a part of it into a snug dining spot which you’ll dress up in line with your personal style. Whatever style you opt for, make sure your kitchen’s up-to-date with kitchen design trends: after all, life’s too short to enjoy your meals in anything less than a fascinating kitchen.

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