Green Shaker Kitchen with Perrin & Rowe Ionian n Aged Brass with crosstaps on marble worktop


A collaboration between Perrin & Rowe and Sustainable Kitchens

Finding the perfect kitchen tap is a fine art of balancing plenty of details. We have a range of preferred designers for each of the little elements, including the ever-beautiful Perrin & Rowe taps our clients love so much. 

With a little help from Perrin & Rowe, here’s how to choose the perfect kitchen tap. 


If you’re at the planning stages of designing your kitchen, you’ve probably already had some ideas about the kind of style you like (and if not, you can browse our portfolio for some inspiration).

Sometimes, the style will be obvious. But for many of you, a little help from magazines, Pinterest and other social media can be helpful.

Historically, a lot of people have opted for a classic design tap for a traditional kitchen, a contemporary tap in a modern design and so on; but more and more, we’re seeing this rule turned on its head. In the kitchen below, you can see an example of a kitchen that reflected an eclectic decor style by having two types of tap in one space.

Perrin & Rowe’s iconic traditional Phoenician tap regularly turns up in contemporary kitchens, mixing vintage and modern to create a more eclectic style.

Their more traditional, country-style taps tend to have more detailing: intricate, elegant shaped spouts, porcelain hot and cold indices and handles. Contemporary styles tend to have a chunkier spouts and a more angular, simplistic feel.

Finishes have a huge effect on the overall style. We seek out finishes of Chrome, Nickel and Pewter rather often, and sometimes turn to more unusual finishes like English Bronze, Brass, Aged Brass, Satin Brass and even 24 Carat Gold.

Mixing up of textures is very on trend right now: think industrial concrete worktops with antique brass or brilliant white marble with a contemporary look Gold Hot Tap.

When it comes to style of tap to work with your kitchen, the rules are there are no rules! Stick to tried and tested, timeless combinations or mix it up with more unique pairings.

Overall functionality

Think about how often you use your tap. It’ll be one of the most frequently-used appliances in your kitchen, so this truly is a case of balancing style with substance.

Long-lasting kitchens are important for reducing our impact on the planet, so we always seek out quality options. Perrin & Rowe is passionate about the quality of its taps: nothing leaves with their stamp on it unless they’re happy it’s 100% perfect. Their valves have been tested to last more than 500,000 uses – that’s over 25 years of domestic use!

Extra features

Now it’s on to the extra features that will make your tap suit the usage of your kitchen. Boiling water taps are a welcome addition to many kitchens. You can read about their eco credentials here. Adding filtered water can be another happy convenience.

Both instant hot and filtration functionalities can come built in to the overall tap as a 3-in-1 controlled by an extra handle, or as an additional ‘mini’ tap on the side.

Then there’s hand rinses, pot fillers, soap dispensers…

Green Shaker Kitchen with Perrin & Rowe Ionian n Aged Brass with crosstaps on marble worktop


A close-up of a Perrin & Rowe tap used in our Green Shaker Kitchen

Working with your kitchen designer

When you work with Sustainable Kitchens, you’ll be working with one of our dedicated designers, helping you to create the perfect kitchen for your home. You can read more about the design process here.

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