7 Kitchen Trends Here to Stay in 2021


Key Kitchen Trends 2021

7 kitchen trends.


And just like that, 2020 has flown by. 

Probably a year that many would like to forget and move on from. 

It has been the year that with all other goings-on, the home has become increasingly more important to us. We are thinking more about what we are putting in our homes for both longevity and sustainability.

Here we have collated the key kitchen trends we predict for 2021 to help guide those decisions.




Exposed Wood Kitchens 

We see exposed wood kitchens on 2 levels, the Japandi minimalist and the reclaimed textured rustic kind. 


Japandi style, a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics with minimal, warm and calming textures, fast becoming one of the biggest kitchen trends. Our plywood kitchens offer a simplistic functional design leaving the birch plywood edges exposed perfectly suited for the Japandi lover. 


Whether varnished in its natural form or with coloured painted doors, it really is simplistic perfection.

The perfect base to put a unique and personal twist.


The Chapman Kitchen - Exposed edge plywood kitchen

The rustic, exposed timber look is one we create within our concept range.


Warm, raw and textured; rough sawn timbers and reclaimed wood planks are increasingly popular in industrial style renovations. We see them often paired with concrete and steel 


Not sure on full exposed wood? Mix and match, pair touches of exposed wood with a flat panel door to keep it contemporary. 


Rough Sawn Kitchen Bristol - Sawn detail



Slab Splash-back

Combining the worktop material with the splashback creating a uniform, continuous flow and a serious wow factor. 

It is a trend on the rise and here to stay. 


We often see darker cabinetry with lighter worktops, but why not try switching this up. Using a dark worktop and splashback against pale cabinetry creates a dramatic backdrop for this classic shaker kitchen.


Whether it’s quartz, corian, stainless steel or something else, designing this into your kitchen can really make the difference.

Grand Shaker Kitchen London - Farrow and Ball Elephants Breath with Concretto Scuro worktop and sink



Sage Green Kitchen Trends

Whilst we saw plenty of pink in 2020 in both kitchens and bathrooms, pink was the new blue! This year we are already seeing an increase in green, in particular sage green kitchens.


Green can release all sorts of emotions; balance, harmony, mindfulness, stress relief creating a zen atmosphere; ideal for spending lots of time in the home.


Using green in the home brings the outdoors inside, something we have all been missing recently. When paired with bright whites or earthy tones can bring us a connection to nature, creating our very own nest within the home. 


Whether it is sage green cabinetry, tiles, walls or furniture, there are plenty of playful ways we can incorporate the calming colour into our mood boards and designs. 


Take a look at Farrow & Ball for further Green inspiration.


Green Shaker Kitchen with Brass Accents including an Aged Brass Tap from perrin & Rowe



Farmhouse Kitchen Trends

There has been an increase with people moving away from the city and seeking the country. Leaving the hustle and bustle for a calming dose of nature in barn renovations and cottages. 


Cottagecore has become an Instagram phenomenon. From farmhouse kitchens to traditional kitchens, social media has seen a huge increase in search terms around cottagecore with customers turning to instagram for inspiration and advice on how to achieve the desired look.

Many are looking to bring a sense of countryside to their kitchens, a homely comfort feeling that comes with the cottage life, a feeling we all need more in 2021. 


Think countryside, layered textures, brass finishes, Shaker designs with a neutral palette. 


Shaker Kitchens will always be on-trend, the beauty of the design is effortlessly classic that won’t ever go out of style.





Since facing the worldwide pandemic, we are all becoming increasingly conscious about our purchases and consumption. Everyday choices we now spend more time evaluating in an attempt to only purchasing meaningful forever pieces over fast trend pieces.

We have seen a rise in builds looking to create passive houses and low energy builds, homes in which our Sustainable Kitchens suit perfectly. 


The true test of sustainability is time, buying a high-street kitchen will only need to be replaced in years to come. People are investing in higher-quality home purchases that won’t need replacing further down the line. 


We are incorporating more second-hand pieces into our designs for a perfect mix of old and new. Designing kitchens around old furniture is something we love to do and we encourage more people to do.


Investing in a solid wood kitchen will not only look and feel better but will last much longer. They can be repainted in line with home decorating through the ages whilst keeping the same sturdy kitchen designed to last a lifetime.

Appliances are following suit with higher-rated energy-efficient products costing less to run whilst lasting longer.


Dark Green Shaker Kitchen with beautiful recalimed haberdasher cabinet enclosed in run of full height shaker cabinetry



Kitchen Storage Solutions

With the craziness of recent lockdowns, supermarkets haven’t quite been the same. An increase in kitchen storage has been a constant in design briefs since the start of Covid. 


Customers looking to maximise storage space to accommodate fewer trips to the supermarket. Whether it is a pantry to store for dry goods or a walk-in larder to house more vegetables, we are consuming more food at home and need clever ways to store it. 


Using floor-to-ceiling cabinetry to maximise space or creating walk-in hidden storage or larder is key to achieving more storage space.

We have even had more time to organise and reorganise our pantries.


Grand Shaker Kitchen London - Hidden Pantry in Farrow and Ball De Nimes with fridge freezer and storage cupbard



Home Office & Home Storage 

Where possible, we are all now working from home. This has had a huge impact on developing the home for both work and play. 

We are incorporating desk designs into homes to compliment the kitchen, whether it’s an extended island with room for laptops and homework or a separate private space to concentrate. Home offices will have a huge factor in buying and selling properties

With city livers, often space can be minimal meaning the design needs to be clever. 


Open plan living means a connection between the kitchen to the rest of the home is more important than ever. 


After a long days of homeschooling, a quick place to tidy away toys and schooling equipment is much needed.


Alcove Storage bespoke window seat and storage for childs bedroom