50 ft mural of climate change activist Greta Thunberg unveiled in Bristol


No one could deny it; 2019 has been a significant year for environmental issues. ‘The David Attenborough Effect’ has already caused 53% of surveyed Brits and Americans to reduce their single-use plastic waste, London has been the stage for countless marches, and climate change activists as young as 16 are forcing a new, planet-first direction for policy-making. Greta Thunberg, we salute you!

At Sustainable Kitchens, we’re constantly inspired by the creative, environment-first acts of the Bristolians around us, like Bristol-based artist Jody Thomas. Over the course of eight days, he has created a 50 ft mural of Greta on North Street, Bristol.

“[Bristol] is a very socially conscious area,” he told a BBC interviewer. “Everybody knows who this young lady is.”



Although our city’s annual street art festival, Upfest, is taking a well-earned year off, the organisers have still been busy helping artists get their message across in public spaces. Every year, the side of the Tobacco Factory acts as the headliner of the whole festival and even without an official Upfest, the organisers made sure the space was used to maximum effect.

In creating the artwork, Jody took a sustainable approach, not least with his choice of materials. In an Instagram post, he revealed that around two thirds of the mural was painted with water-based paint, using an electric spray gun that was powered by the adjacent Tobacco Factory’s solar cells.

“She very much embodies this new movement towards climate change,” Jody says. “She’s leading the charge.”

Learn more about Jody Thomas and his art here.